High school sweethearts rekindle old flame and marry after nearly 70 years apart

Many authors have written great books about love and have filled their pages with the most romantic tales. However, many of them are mere products of the writer’s imagination. Despite being one of the best you’ll ever read, the following love story is no work of fiction – it’s as real as it gets. Frederick

Couple who served in WWII together, married for seven decades, passed away on same day

In this life, not everyone gets a chance to be with their greatest love. There are the lucky ones who meet theirs and end up spending the rest of their lives with them, while there are others who find love but eventually lose it. Every love story is different, and these days, the few good

Against all odds, couple with Down Syndrome celebrate 22-yrs wedding anniversary

Keeping a marriage is not an easy task. We constantly come across the devastating news of Hollywood couples breaking up and that somehow amplifies the unfounded fear that love does not last. Is it really hard to attain happily ever after nowadays? There is a stigma that it will be hard for people with special