60-year-old woman gets makeover so sultry she can’t even recognize herself

Trying out something new can be terrifying, especially when you are clueless about how things will turn out. This is a situation that women across the world and ages relate with very well. Thus, to avoid being regretful, women spend a lot of time making researches about the best salon and stylist that could help

Family of five ditch expensive rents to live in a converted school bus, take a look inside

Raising a family is not easy and it sure is not cheap either. According to authorities, raising a child from birth through the age of 17 costs about $14,000 in a year. Add this huge amount of money on top of housing fees and other financial obligations, raising a family sure can put a strain

Dad and son transform a 100-year-old gas station into a modern living space

A great interior designer once said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” Living by Nate Berkus’ words, Robert Guthrie’s home may just be the perfect reflection of his personality- unique, creative, and interesting! When Robert Guthrie learned about a run-down gas station that has been