University of Iowa professor goes viral after offering to deliver Thanksgiving meals to students

What happens when there is a raging pandemic and yet Thanksgiving is around the corner? Many families are torn between celebrating the holidays with family and friends, and keeping the same loved ones safe. Recognizing the real dilemma faced by millions across the country, and specifically her students at the University of Iowa, lecturer Liz

Kind stranger gives up first-class airline seat to make elderly woman’s ‘dream’ come true

Many of us have experienced our own share of mishaps during air travel – delayed flights, inconsiderate co-passengers, less than appetizing plane food, etc. But for this 88-year-old woman named Violet, she can say that her most recent flying experience is her best one yet. Violet got to enjoy the flight of her dreams earlier

Customer gives McDonald’s employee free car after hearing about her struggles

How far would great customer service take you? As it turns out, very far! That is if we look at the story of one McDonald’s employee in South Hutchinson, Kansas who got the surprise of her life – all because of her great work attitude and a customer’s generous heart. Earlier this month, Vicki Anderson