‘Ms. Ripley immediately made arrangements for me to join their family when she first noticed the scars on my body’

My brother and I were both placed into foster homes at a young age. He was lucky—he went to a family called the Ripleys. I went through four different homes in three years, and each one was worse than the next. I’d get to see my brother every few months. Ms. Ripley would take us

Grandma wins the internet with sweetest reaction when she finds out she’s moving in with grandson

Growing old entails many challenges, including losing a spouse, developing aging-related illnesses, and experiencing social isolation. This grandma in Florida had one less thing to worry about – living alone. That’s because her grandson, Matthew Stewart, had arranged for her to live with him in his new home. That means Grandma Bobbe, 87, whom Matthew

Adopted son who rose from poverty gifted poor parents who took him in as a kid with beautiful home

Jayvee Lazaro Badile II is living his best life. A successful business manager at a financial company, he mentors financial advisors, lives in a beautiful home, wears luxury brands, and travels far and wide for both business and pleasure. His picture-perfect life though, is a far cry from his childhood as the adopted son of a