This 28-year-old was given 10 minutes to decide if he wants to adopt his week-old nephew or the baby goes to foster care

They say that music has a magical power to soothe, touch, and take over one’s soul. For Marcio Donaldson, this belief speaks volume of truth. For a child who was placed in foster care together with his sister, Marcio had no one but music to give his mind an escape from his situation. But more

8 siblings put on a special dance for the bride and the wedding guests can’t stop smiling

A wedding is a joyous occasion that marks the union of two people who vow to spend the rest of their lives with each other. It is an event where both sides of the family gather to show their support for the marrying couple and celebrate this once in a lifetime affair with both of

Two circus elephants reunited after 22 years of separation – camera captures moment they recognized each other

The old adage “elephants never forget…” became popular for a reason. And though the saying may sound like an exaggeration, the memory of an elephant turned out be to even better than humans. With their brain weighing an average of 5 kilograms, they have a lot of memory space for their remarkable experiences. In the wild,