Taking a girl’s trip with your best friends is good for your health, scientists say

If you’ve been having doubts about booking that girls trip with your best-friends, then what you’re about to read might just change your mind. In this ever-evolving and fast-paced world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the avalanche of deadlines, emails, and tasks that you have to accomplish. At the end of a

Missing dog returns home with two new friends he’d made along the way

For animal lovers, pets are treated as a precious member of their family. Thus, in the event that their beloved pet goes missing, it is only normal for them to be frantically worried. Kylie Krier and his wife Laura of Concordia, Kansas knew how it felt like to not get a good sleep at night

Camera catches woman’s compassionate gesture for a cold stray dog

It is always easy to do the right thing when the whole world is watching. But the things that  truly define us are what we do when no one is looking. The integrity and character of a woman in Turkey has been tested when her sweet and kind gesture caught on camera went viral online.

Tiny succulents grow as adorable rabbit-shaped plants in Japan

About three decades ago, the plants that once littered the desolate lands of Sahara and other deserts are now populating office desks, window sills, and garden shelves. On top of those, succulent plants have also taken over various social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Wondering why a lot of people are

Rural hospital doctor sews a baby blanket for every newborn he delivers

Dr. Erik Bostrom of Aitkin, who works in Riverwood Healthcare Center in Minnesota does not have the power to time travel, but the doctor is making noise online for his remarkable skills- stitching! And no, we are not talking about surgical sutures but actual fabric stitching! The kindhearted doctor from the rural hospital is doing

Boy’s odd Christmas wish comes true and it’s winning the hearts of thousands

If there’s someone who is happiest at Christmas, it is no other than the children who are excited to find out what Santa has in the bag for them. Each year that the Yuletide season hit the air, children think of a couple of things that they would like to have in celebration of the