Grandma wins the internet with sweetest reaction when she finds out she’s moving in with grandson

Growing old entails many challenges, including losing a spouse, developing aging-related illnesses, and experiencing social isolation. This grandma in Florida had one less thing to worry about – living alone. That’s because her grandson, Matthew Stewart, had arranged for her to live with him in his new home. That means Grandma Bobbe, 87, whom Matthew

This grandma accidentally invited a teenager to Thanksgiving in 2016, now it’s a tradition

Jamal Hinton shares his excitement as he posts Instagram photos from the past two Thanksgiving dinners with Wanda Dench. It looks like the two then-strangers are looking forward to celebrate it again together this year. Invited By Accident This cute Thanksgiving story began in 2016 when Dench accidentally sent a text message to Hinton. A grandmother