School principal takes night job at a local Walmart to support his low-income students 

North Charleston High School Principal Henry Darby will do anything to help his students, even when it meant taking on three different jobs simultaneously. Despite his loaded schedule, Darby—also a longtime county councilman—recently took on a third job. He now works at a Walmart three nights a week, stocking shelves from 10 p.m. to 7

Plumber helps over 10,000 elderly neighbors by fixing their heating and plumbing for free

Plumbers offering free services are quite unheard of, especially since they do a great deal of hard work in our homes. But not this plumber from Lancashire, England. James Anderson, 53, has provided free plumbing services to the disabled and elderly since 2017 when he launched his non-profit community interest company Depher. For more than

Florida man pays off overdue bills for 114 families at risk of having their utilities shut off

We are seeing the inherent generosity of humanity on display now more than ever. And it’s no different for this Florida man who just paid off the utilities of 114 households at risk of facing disconnection. Michael Esmond, 74, is no stranger to helping people in need. Last year, he paid off the 36 utility

Wheat tycoon builds 90 houses for the homeless as daughter’s wedding gift

An Indian businessman who made his fortune in the trade of cloth and wheat celebrated his daughter’s wedding in a non-traditional way – by building 90 homes for the poor. A specific picture immediately comes to mind when we think of Indian weddings. We imagine elaborate outfits, a multitude of guests, and a lavish ceremony