Woman creates hilarious parody of ‘Jolene’, and has people cracking up over her version!

If you’re a fan of Dolly Parton, you’ve probably heard the song “Jolene,” one of the country singer’s greatest hits. Although it was released in 1974, “Jolene” remains one of her most iconic tracks. It’s just the kind of song that everyone couldn’t help but sing along to whenever it plays. Parton explained that the

Watch the hilarious moments people and pets run into ‘invisible’ screen doors

One of man’s most useful and simple innovations is the screen door (or sometimes the glass door). The screen door usually incorporates a mesh to stop birds or flying insects from going inside your house. Most homeowners would add this to their house must-haves especially if they live in an area where bugs are known

After 2 years, this woman discovers that the plant she’s been watering is actually fake!

Aside from beautifying the home, studies have proven that indoor plants provide several benefits to their owners. A person feels more at ease with his environment when it’s full of greenery, which is the reason people feel less stressed when there are plants around them. We often buy indoor plants that like direct sunlight as