Electrician rallies community to fix elderly woman’s home after seeing it in such poor condition

Living alone can be difficult at any age, but it’s especially challenging for the elderly. A senior woman from Woburn, Massachusetts, named Gloria knows this dilemma all too well. Since 1969, she’s lived in her house on Lillian Street with only her dog Choo Choo keeping her company. Earlier this month, sparks suddenly started shooting

Elderly woman with dementia rises up in the music charts with moving ‘My Way’ cover

Chart-topping musicians can come from all backgrounds, but this latest musical sensation is certainly a sweet surprise. Margaret Mackie, an 83-year-old woman with dementia and resident of Northcare Suites Care Home, a senior care facility in in Edinburgh, Scotland, just recorded a heartwarming version of “My Way” with her caregiver – and it’s a certified

Kind stranger gives up first-class airline seat to make elderly woman’s ‘dream’ come true

Many of us have experienced our own share of mishaps during air travel – delayed flights, inconsiderate co-passengers, less than appetizing plane food, etc. But for this 88-year-old woman named Violet, she can say that her most recent flying experience is her best one yet. Violet got to enjoy the flight of her dreams earlier

99-year-old woman living alone receives much needed help from New York police officers

Living alone means needing a helping hand sometimes. And for this elderly woman whose property was blanketed with more than a foot of snow, her call for help was immediately answered by the faithful public servants in her city. Three New York police officers, who are all members of the Albany Police Department, are being