Here is IKEA’s first sustainable tiny home packed with eco-friendly features

Furniture giant IKEA is joining the sustainability bandwagon with its Tiny Home Project – a 187-square foot, off-grid home on wheels that is “stylish, sustainable, and affordable.” The company designed and built the tiny home in cooperation with brand studio Vox Creative after being inspired by their “shared commitments to sustainability, inclusivity and innovation.” Their … Read more

They’re making paper out of stone — and saving lots of trees!

Aiming to revolutionize the science behind making paper, these two Australian entrepreneurs came up with an environmentally friendly way to manufacture one of humankind’s most useful inventions without the use of trees. For almost a millennium, the world only knew of one way to create paper – by using linen, cotton, and hemp rag fibers. … Read more

UK will go tough on plastic use, total ban on plastic stirrers

It will be a slow year for plastic manufacturers in England beginning in 2020. That’s because a ban on plastic drinks stirrers, plastic straws, and plastic-stemmed cotton swabs will be effective in the country next April. Plastic manufacturers in England would have to completely halt the production of plastic drinks stirrers starting next year. Out … Read more

This country is about to pass a law requiring parents to plant two trees for every child born

From late 2017 until the start of 2018, there seems to be a rise in the promotion of eco-friendly products, and sustainable living. Suddenly, everyone’s selling reusable straws and utensils, washable menstrual pads, most grocery stores require the use of eco-bags, and some businesses have started using eco-friendly packaging. Even the beauty industry is stepping … Read more