Dog’s reaction to seeing a painting of his brother who passed away will touch you

Aside from being our most loyal companions, dogs are undeniably one of the smartest animals to have ever walked the earth. These creatures are sensitive to their surroundings; they understand what is going on around them. Dogs are emotionally intelligent creatures that can sense our mood. They know when we’re feeling down or happy, and

People are paying tribute to a dog who died 100 years ago by leaving sticks at his grave

There’s nothing like the heartbreak of losing a pet. After all, these animals are more than just our companions; they’re family. We know that their time with us is short, and while that’s the poignant reality, it also makes every moment we spend with them a little more special. The Green-Wood Cemetery in south Brooklyn

Photographer captures the similarities between humans and dogs in fun card game

As an animal photographer, Gerard Gethings aims to capture the unique characteristics that make each of his subjects special. Whether they’re birds, bees, horses, and chameleons, he makes sure that he’s able to highlight their distinctive beauty and showcase their personalities with every portrait. But for this project he did in collaboration with Laurence King

This video of a toddler comforting pet dog during a thunderstorm will surely melt your heart

Dogs can be our fiercest protectors, but that doesn’t mean they’re not afraid of anything. No matter what breed, gender, or age they are, our canine friends seem to share one common fear: loud noises. Thunder, loud vehicles, and fireworks are the most common triggers of this phobia in dogs. They’re also highly sensitive to