Dog who refused to leave owner’s remains during a snowstorm finds new loving home

Lisa Lomeli arrived at Placer County Animal Services looking forward to meeting a cattle dog named Baby Dog. However, the shelter staff warned her that the pup was traumatized because of a recent tragic event involving his former owner. Last month, a woman named Shona reported her 69-year-old father, David Deshon, as missing. Two days

Man builds special ‘chariot’ so his elderly golden can still go on outdoor adventures

What makes going on adventures so much better is experiencing them with your best friend. Donny Marchuk of Calgary, Canada, knows this to be true. In fact, he has been doing exactly that for over 14 years with his constant sidekick: his Golden Retriever, Sully. Be it outdoor hikes, snowshoe treks, and climbs, Donny has taken

Watch this family surprise their son at school with his lost dog

This family surprised their 14-year-old son when they picked him up at school with their pug – who had gone missing for two and a half weeks – riding in the passenger’s seat of their truck. Piper loves everyone in her family, but her bond with Carter Licata, 14, is special. “It was love at first

People are giving lots of love to sad dog who misses playing with the neighbor kids

These days, if you check the internet, it’s littered with many bad news and many of us have been feeling lonely as we face the consequences brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s heartbreaking that at a time when we need physical connection the most, we can’t have any of it. With social distancing protocols