Deaf dog’s pack provides ‘protection ears’ on outdoor adventures

When Tim Livesey brings his three dogs with him during walks or on hiking trips, almost everyone they meet couldn’t help but let out a laugh. That’s because his Australian cattle dogs are all wearing goggles! When strangers see Bella, Bolt, and Bonnie wearing their cool eyewear, they often ask their owner if they can

Special needs dog wins over the internet after heartbreaking adoption story

Jack, a 9-month-old American Bully with spina bifida who got stood up by his potential adoptive family, is getting closer to finding his forever home. About a week ago, the dog’s foster family prepared for him to meet his potential adopter. They gave him a bath and made him wear his fancy harness and Mickey

Disfigured pup finds forever home and becomes therapy dog to help others feel loved

If you’ve ever experienced a dog’s love, consider yourself lucky. These animals don’t discriminate; they love us no matter who we are and what we look like. They don’t mind our imperfections and shortcomings – all they care about is spending time with us. These loyal companions deserve nothing less than what they give us