Photographer captures stunning images of polar bears playing in flower fields

When we think of polar bears, we automatically picture them in the Arctic, surrounded by snowy and icy landscapes. This image has been deeply ingrained in our minds that it’s hard to imagine these furry giants in any other environment. The North experiences changing seasons, too. And as summer arrives, polar bears come out and

Shelter puppy smiles at everyone who walks by in adorable attempt to get adopted

The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana just welcomed a new resident to their shelter, a Labrador Retriever mix puppy with a unique and adorable trait – a smiling face! The organization’s director Courtney Wingate was at Caddo Animal Control when she noticed three little Lab puppies in a kennel. She couldn’t leave them behind, especially

3-year old girl’s awesome playroom has a tiny Starbucks and Target: ‘This is so cute!’

When this mom from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, made a Facebook post featuring pictures of her daughter’s new playroom, she wasn’t expecting that it would get a lot of attention. But to Renee Doby-Becht’s surprise, her post was shared nearly 9,000 times in the popular social media platform. “So I posted a picture of Ariah’s playroom in