Baby Yoda tree topper becomes newest decoration trend this Christmas season

2020 has definitely been a strange year. It’s a year when we learned to accept and adapt to changes as they come. And it looks like the same could be said for this year’s Christmas decorations. Many households are now ditching the traditional golden star Christmas tree topper and replacing it with one of TV’s

Little boy’s adorable narration of the nativity story melts hearts all over the internet

Reading the scripture is an activity usually reserved for adults. At least, that’s what most people think. This little boy, however, will prove you wrong. In this story, you’ll witness the most adorable narration of a Bible story courtesy of a youngster. Read until the end to see it. David DeFigueiredo is only four and

This classic Cheerios holiday commercial with grandma and baby gets 2020 update, thanks to viral TikTok

Christmas commercials often revolve around common themes such as family, love, and giving. This heartwarming spot from Cheerios dating back to 1999 is one of the most memorable holiday ads produced by the company. And thanks to a viral TikTok, that commercial just got a 2020 revamp. The original version featured a grandmother, played by

Say goodbye to old garland staircases; snowy penguin slides are the new adorable trend this Christmas season!

Garlands on the staircase, baubles on the Christmas tree, and giant Christmas socks hanging by the fireplace – these staple Christmas ornamentations are what you’ll find in most homes. But as the song says, “Tis’ the season to be jolly,” so why not change things up a bit? After all, 2020 been an awful year,

Family found a koala in their Christmas tree, and rescue hotline thought they were making a prank call

This family in south Australia didn’t need to buy a new ornament for their Christmas tree this year. That’s because they unexpectedly got a new one – and it’s alive! The McCormicks decided to adorn their faux fir tree with silver, pink, and blue decorations for this year. While the old plastic leaves of their

Store chain John Lewis has released its much-awaited Christmas TV ad — an uplifting tale of kindness

In light of the current situation, companies have skipped the usual overly festive theme for their Christmas adverts this year. One brand that followed suit is the British department store chain John Lewis. The company just released its highly anticipated 2020 Christmas TV commercial, which centralizes on the message of kindness. The two-minute ad also

Coca-Cola’s heartwarming Christmas commercial will make you cry

Coca-Cola surely has an amazing way of tugging at our heartstrings this Christmas season. If their previous Christmas commercials were cheerful and light-hearted; this time, they planned to warm our hearts and make us cry. We might celebrate Christmas a little bit different this year because of the ongoing global pandemic but Coca-Cola reminded us

If you’re missing someone this Christmas this song is dedicated to you

“That’s music to my ears.” There’s a reason why this expression is particularly popular. Anything one has been told or hears about, if it is positive, pleasant, or simply something that you wanted or needed to hear, evokes an image of pleasure, enjoyment, and appreciation. It sounds simple, but music is actually more complicated than

Christmas commercial is warming hearts all over – and it only cost $130 to make

Now that decorations are up and Christmas commercials are beginning to grace our TV screens, we can’t help but feel the excitement for this festive holiday. For big companies, this season means expending their budget for a very important component of business – advertisement. While high street brands spend hundreds of thousands into making their