Kindhearted man gets creative to warm up a pigeon shivering outside his window

Everyone could use a little compassion and warmth, sometimes literally. In an incredible display of empathy and kindness, a man from Turkey was spotted trying to warm a pigeon in the most creative way. Sabahattin Yılmaz was at home one chilly day. After a rain shower had passed, he noticed something perched on the ledge

This woman can’t decide which dog to save, she ends up buying the entire shelter

Danielle Eden is an animal lover who has dedicated her life to saving dogs that are in desperate need. She loves all animals, but dogs occupy a special place in her heart. This particular affection led her to establish Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary – a dog shelter and horse sanctuary – located in 50

Dog’s touching ‘human-like’ thank you after being adopted brings woman to tears

A lot of animals are ready for adoption. They need a forever home. According to DoSomething.Org, more than 7 million companion animals enter the animal shelter each year. Out of this 7 million pets, about 2 million are euthanized because shelters could no longer accommodate them and there’s no hope for them to be adopted.