The Lily Pad – a cozy cabin made from a shipping container that’s hidden in the woods, see inside

Home is where the heart is. This saying couldn’t be more accurate if you’re staying in a home you love! That’s how Airbnb took over the world, created an “economy of sharing “for weary travelers, transients, and wanderlust vacationers with cozy shelter.  But one Airbnb listing stands out from the rest—Dianna’s living space dubbed as the

Couple transforms an old school bus into an elegant tiny home that uses solar energy

Nothing beats the feeling of living the rest of your life in your dream home. We all have our own version of the ‘humble abode’ we’ve always dreamed of since we were little. But for Nicholas and Francesca, their ideal shelter meant a house that understands their adventurous spirit. It all started with a documentary. After