The stunning moment ‘Swan Lake’ music brings prima ballerina with Alzheimer’s back to her dancing days

The music of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake was all it took for this former ballerina with Alzheimer’s disease to dance once again. Marta C. Gonzalez had been a prima ballerina with the New York Ballet—one of the most prominent dance companies in the world—during the 1960s. However, when she developed Alzheimer’s disease and began using a

‘Alzheimer’s Village’ allows its residents to roam freely and live as they do in the outside world

Two years ago, we wrote about an Alzheimer’s village in south-western France, wherein residents will live in a gated community that will allow them to continue participating in social life. This exclusive neighborhood—named “Village Landais Alzheimer” after the Landes department where it’s situated—recently opened in June at the city of Dax. Like many small villages

Husband builds special bike for wife with Alzheimer’s so they can continue riding together

They say there’s no greater force in this world than real love. While the idea may seem far-fetched to some, we encounter real-life stories now and then proving there’s truth in it. Finding your forever love and beating all the odds sounds like a fairytale – one that most of us can only dream of.

Father and son use carpool karaoke to combat Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease mostly affects seniors (but is known to also occur in other age brackets) and for the families of the patients, its impact can be really heart-breaking. Sadly for the McDermott family, they have to go through the everyday pain of not being remembered by the head of their household, Ted McDermott. Ted McDermott,