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Struggling taco shop gets flooded with orders after owner’s daughter posts emotional video

A taco shop in Illinois had been empty for a while but thanks to the TikTok video of the owner’s daughter, they now have an influx of customers, waiting to get a taste of their sumptuous tacos.

Taco-Bout-Joys is a small taco shop in Glenville, Illinois. It is owned by sisters Joy Milan and Kack Keomanivong who moved to the U.S. as refugees in the 1980s. Like many immigrants, their life was also hard growing up.

They both love cooking so when they were both capable, they decided to turn their dream into a reality and opened a restaurant.

Joy's empty taco shop


However, the start of their journey has not been smooth sailing since they opened last October. For the sisters, the most challenging part of their business was attracting customers.

Luckily, Joy has a loving and compassionate daughter who helped them get customers and give their business new hope.

Joy’s daughter, Isabel posted a video on TikTok on December 8, appealing to potential customers to help her mom out and try their food.

Joy at their empty taco shop waiting for customers


In her post, she says, “It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door every day, waiting for a customer to walk in.” She said that her goal is to give her customers for Christmas.

In the video, Joy can be seen inside the empty taco shop. She was sitting and staring at the door, waiting for customers to come in.

To their surprise, the video received a lot of positive responses with millions of views and thousands of comments.

Joy cooking with family and friends


A few hours later, Isabel posted another video, showing Joy and her sister, and other staff members busy serving customers. Isabel’s plea surprisingly worked and a lot of people started to take interest in the restaurant.

According to Kack’s daughter, Jordyn, customers flooded the restaurant the next day the moment they opened at 10:30 in the morning.

Isabel didn’t really put much thought into things when she posted the video. She only wanted to help her family and didn’t imagine that her post would have a huge impact on many people.

She only realized the influx of customers when her mom called her and asked for some help at the restaurant.

Isabel's video update on TikTok


The next day, Isabel posted an update on TikTok that said, “Haven’t had time to sit down and update, but let’s just say it was only my mom and me this morning and we ended with this crew.”

In the video, 9 people can be seen working together to serve the customers. “We’re amazed by the support and we’re still taking it all in,” added Isabel.

The two sisters were also shocked to see customers flooding the restaurant. “Originally, Joy and Kack had no idea what was happening,” said Jordyn.

“It wasn’t until they got to the restaurant and we explained the situation that they realized.”

People help cook and serve customers at the taco shop


Joy and Kack considered it a Christmas miracle and couldn’t be grateful enough for Isabel and all the people supporting them.

They also got a lot of compliments about the food, which warmed the hearts of the siblings. “We sold over 150 birria tacos alone,” shared Jordyn.

“We ended up selling out birria, shrimp, guacamole and sent out relatives to purchase more steak. I would say over 500 tacos were sold alone, not including burritos and tortas.”

Isabel and her fiance decorates the taco shop


Isabel continued posting videos about their restaurant. In one of the videos, she introduced her mother who was cooking in the kitchen. She also shared that she and her fiancé did some decorating and also designed the menus.

“The whole family and some friends came together today to help out and celebrate an amazing day,” wrote Isabel.

Taco shop crew dancing


Isabel and her family are very happy about this Christmas miracle and hope that their small business will flourish, one taco at a time.

Watch this video and see how Isabel turned their empty taco shop into a lively restaurant full of customers:

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