Cat-loving guy goes all out for his graduation photos

Victories taste sweeter when shared with friends, family, and special people in our life. After all, they were the ones who inspired us to reach for our dreams. So it is only right to savor successful moments with them by our side.

This must have been what’s on the mind of Parker, a student of University of Waterloo, Ontario when he tagged his best pal during his graduation photo-shoot.


By best pal, most people might think of a childhood friend or even a lover. But Parker brought neither, instead he decided to share his victorious moment with his precious cat- Zeus!

“[My] connection to the cat is one of a kind,” the graduate student shared with The Dodo in an interview. “Zeus is the most chill and tolerant extroverted cat I’ve ever met. He really likes company and loves being held.”

According to Parker, he felt a connection with his cat the first time they met. “We knew that Zeus was the right one because he cuddled right into us,” Parker recalled. “When he was put down, he just wanted more affection.”

Because of Zeus’ charming personality, Parker and his wife couldn’t resist him and brought him home together with another kitty whom they fondly call Zulu.

“I chose to include him in the photos once I learned I could bring ‘friends to join in the fun for personal/fun photos,” the doting cat lover explained. “I emailed the photographer a day or two beforehand and got the all clear to do so!”

Source: New School Photography

Because Zeus love Parker’s company, the soft and fluffy cat accompanied Parker in every all nighters he pulled. And now that he had completed his college degree, Parker felt it was only right to include Zeus in his special day. Defying the odds and overcoming some complications, Parker and Zeus got a funny but heartwarming photo.

“On the day of the photo shoot I had a midterm right before, and once that was complete I rushed home to grab Zeus,” Parker narrated. “I was exhausted — shows in the eyes — but it was worth it.”

Looking at the now viral photograph, it sure is safe to say that Zeus enjoyed being in front of the camera, and for Parker that is more than enough.

“He was well-behaved during the session, and explored around while I was getting the other photos done.”

The photograph sure turned out great but it also raised a few eyebrows. The photographers and some of his professors were not able to hide the surprise on their face upon seeing Zeus.

“He [the photographer] laughed,” Parker narrated. “[I] also got an awkward look from a previous professor.”

Reddit | MillennialCatDaddy

Happy about the result of their meaningful photograph, Parker posted their victorious picture on Reddit. The photo warmed the hearts of fellow animal lovers and garnered more than 28 thousand upvotes.

“I took graduation pictures with my cat. Reddit meet Zeus,” Parker shared along with their viral photo.

“Congratulations on graduating! The single pink toe bean made me very happy.” A Reddit user said, congratulating Parker and Zeus on their accomplishment.

“Clever kitty! What did he graduate in?” Another Reddit user jokingly said on the comment section.

“Blink twice if you need help, Cat Daddy.” Another Reddit user said, kidding about Parker’s eyes.

Some Reddit users poked fun on Parker’s hilarious eye expression. However, Parker clarified that he was not feeling awkward nor disoriented during the photoshoot. He was simply tired from the exam he had prior the event.

“I don’t actually have the crazy eyes. I’ve mentioned before I had a midterm before this photo and was super tired.” Parker explained.

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