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This stubborn husky refuses to get out bed – falls asleep cuddling little boy

Most of us only need a comfortable bed and soft pillows to be able to sleep, but this toddler requires one more thing before he goes to the land of Nod—cuddle time with their family dog.

With the pandemic still in our midst, we are undoubtedly living in difficult times. But many people see a silver lining to this disaster, one of which is getting to spend some extra time with their loved ones. With lockdowns in place, families are compelled to do everything from the comfort of their homes.

Like all of us, this family has been mostly at home since the pandemic hit. And all of that spare time has given them more chances to bond with each other and their huskies.

In May 2020, a family from Manchester, UK, shared what has kept them sane and happy during the lockdowns. In their YouTube channel called milperthusky, they uploaded a video so adorable that it’s been viewed over 19 million times!

The video’s caption reads:

“Parker always cuddles Millie before he goes to sleep it’s like a daily need for him haha! He’s been this way for 2 years now. He loves his huskies so much. I think Millie our husky believes she is his mother… Makes me so happy to see them bond this way!!”

The 3-minute footage shows their husky, Millie, cuddling with their toddler Parker before they fall asleep together.

The beginning of the video shows Parker entering a bedroom to find Millie already in bed under the thick covers, looking as snug as can be.

The boy then crawls in bed with the dog, and Millie gives him a lick on the face. His dad, Aaron Wallman, leaves momentarily to prepare his milk in a bottle. But before he gives it to Parker, the father and son first get into a little game of peek-a-boo.

After their short playtime, dad finally gives Parker his bottle, and Millie instantly leans in to smell it as though she wants some for herself. The husky even reaches for the boy’s shoulder to ask for a taste!

Dad then gives Millie some belly rubs, and Parker does the same. When the boy pulls his hand away, the dog reaches out her paw to ask him for more. The sweet moment between the boy and the dog is just so adorable to see!

Aaron decides it’s time for Parker to get some rest, so he asks Millie to get down from the bed. However, the dog refuses to leave. Her eyes are begging, wishing dad would let her stay.

Dad calls her repeatedly, but she remains glued to the bed, refusing to move. Her owner then gives up.

“Alright, you just stay there,” Aaron says to the dog with a laugh before covering her with the blanket.

When dad comes back to the bedroom, he sees the cutest scene. His toddler and Millie are lying on the bed facing each other, with Parker asleep and the dog looking at him like he’s the most precious thing in the world. Millie then licks him on the face and turns to look at dad filming them.

The scene changes and shows the pair sleeping with the husky’s left paw draped over Parker’s body. Anyone’s heart would burst upon seeing such a beautiful moment shared between human and animal.

Luckily, this isn’t the only video that features Parker and Millie’s bond. There are many clips of the family having fun with Millie and the other huskies in their home named Rupert and Lola.

They also have an Instagram page where they regularly share clips and videos that can surely make any dog lover smile. Give them a follow if you want your daily dose of paw-sitive vibes.

Click on the video below to see Parker and Millie’s special pre-nap ritual!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.