Stray cat moves into church and humbly accepts the worshippers’ praise

Animals are normally not allowed to roam freely inside a church for obvious reasons. They might interrupt the mass with the noises that they make and the congregation might be distracted by the sight of them, especially those with children.

But this church in Brazil doesn’t mind having a specific animal with them during mass – a stray cat.

a church cat

Meet Junior, a handsome feline who ended up making São Sebastião Parish in the town of Atibaia his new home. It seems like this cat is aware that the church accepts any individual of shape, size, and stature – and decided to make himself welcome.

Nobody knows exactly where Junior came from, but it didn’t matter – the parish staff and the congregation accepted his presence with open arms. And from the looks of it, Junior knows that the people really love him – that’s because he does as he pleases.

Here’s a photo of him making the donation basket his makeshift cat bed. Junior really is owning the place!

cat stays in a church

If you think that this cat’s behavior is quite bold, then maybe we can’t blame him. From his point of view, throngs of worshipers appeared in the church singing songs of praise since he showed up to the parish – so that must mean that their exaltation were for him, right?

If someone is keeping track, then Junior gets a perfect attendance score in mass.

“He always goes to mass,” the São Sebastião Parish wrote.

Junior often roams the aisles or sits in one lucky person’s lap during mass. One day, however, he decided to take the spotlight by placing himself front and center!


The bold cat is cared for by the church’s leader, Osvaldo Boracini, who has been looking after him since the day he came.


And while Junior might not be the little deity that he believes himself to be, the aura that he brings to the church inspires individuals to practice kindness.

Even the people outside the church have taken notice.


“I am not Catholic, but I congratulate the priest and the [congregation] for their respect and affection toward the kitten! I love it! So much to be proud of!” one commenter wrote online.