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The son yelled at his father out of frustration when he kept asking the same question

We get so busy with life that we sometimes forget about our parents. We are so busy making a living that we forget they are growing old. When you were finding your way in this world they were there to support you and now that they are reaching their golden age, we sometimes deny them our time — the most precious thing they will ask from you. 

Take a moment to read this powerful story between a man and his elderly father, let it be a gentle reminder to call or even better to pay them a visit.

The story begins… 

An 80 year old man was sitting on the sofa in his house along with his 45 years old highly educated son. Suddenly a sparrow perched on their window.

The elderly dad asked his son, “What is this?”

The son replied “It is a sparrow”. After a few minutes, the father asked his son the 2nd time, “What is this?”

The son said “Dad, I have just now told you “It’s a sparrow”.

After a little while, the elderly parent again asked his son the 3rd time, “What is this?”

At this time, the son answered with irritation and he said to his elderly dad with a disrespectful rebuff. “It’s a sparrow, a sparrow”.

A little after, the dad again asked his son the 4th time, “What is this?”

This time the son shouted at his elderly parent, “Why do you keep asking me the same question again and again, although I have told you so many times ‘IT IS A SPARROW’. Are you not able to understand this?”

A little later his elderly dad went to his room and came back with an old tattered diary, which he had maintained since his son was born. On opening a page, he asked his son to read that page. When the son read it, the following words were written in the diary.

“Today my little son aged three was sitting with me on the sofa, when a sparrow was sitting on the window. My Son asked me 23 times what it was, and I replied to him all 23 times that it was a sparrow. I hugged him lovingly each time he asked me the same question again and again for 23 times. I did not at all feel irritated I rather felt affection for my innocent child”.

While the little child asked him 23 times “What is this”, the dad did not get annoyed being asked the same question 23 times. And when today the father asked his son the same question just 4 times, the son felt irritated and annoyed.


When your parents are getting older, do not reject them or look at them as a burden, but speak to them with gracious words, be respectful and kind to them. Be considerate to your parents. From today say this aloud, “I want to see my parents happy forever. They have cared for me ever since I was a little child. They have always showered their selfless love on me.”

They took care of you ever since you were born, and they care about you still. It is now your turn to give your parents love and respect and to take care of them.

“Love your parents and treat them with loving care for you will only know their value when you see their empty chair…”

Here’s a similar version of this story that they recreated in video, you must watch it:

About the Author:
This beautiful and inspirational story has been circulating on line for years with no known author. We are sharing it here to keep the flame of encouragement going. If you like the story, PLEASE share it to your family and friends.

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Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

So affectionate.

Thursday 30th of July 2020

Beautiful them where they're at.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.