Stay Away From People Who Use You

Uphold your dignity by walking away from people who only remember you when they want you to do something for them. They are into themselves so much that they forget you have a life to live, dreams to pursue and a destiny to fulfill. You have to be mindful of your own happiness.Dodinsky

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11 thoughts on “Stay Away From People Who Use You”

  1. Yes, and no. Yes, I firmly believe in standing up for oneself and being able to say, “No”. And I also believe in never walking away or staying away from anyone. Just my thing.

  2. I agree that you have to stand up for yourself because no one else will. I have already been through that difficult challenge more than once. Was it hard? Yes it was because I felt like it was only me against the world when no one had my back, but I stood firm. Because of this experience, I found my strength & I learned that I am capable of fighting my own battles & knowing when I need to walk away from something that is unhealthy & toxic.

  3. It took me a while to learn this but I’m finally putting it into action. Sometimes you have to stick up for yourself and realise you can’t always see from the other person’s perspective if there is 0 chance of them seeing through yours.

  4. Amen and raise it 10! Quite offensive and true that they will try until you say “No”! How fast you become the excuse and hatred and ill will get slung at ya like there’s no tomorrow ~ Learning and getting quite good at telling them to keep on keeping on ~ That’s exactly what they had in mind anyway if it worked, just makes the load lighter for me now so I thank them for teaching me 🙂

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