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Why a special bus in Alaska that picks up puppies is a fan favorite on social media

Why walk when you can take the bus? This is exactly what the Alaska-based dog-walking and training business, Mo Mountain Mutts, had in mind when it introduced the ‘puppy bus.’

Husband and wife team Lee and Mo Thompson put a unique but practical spin on picking up their doggie clients by using a puppy bus as their mode of transport.

But this is no ordinary bus. Aside from its adorable four-legged passengers, the bus has safety harnesses made especially for dogs.

Each dog also has an assigned seat, and it’s selected for the dog based on its age, personality, and behavior.

According to Mo, there are specific areas in the bus that are better suited to senior dogs and younger dogs.

For instance, they assign senior dogs to seats near the front, while the younger dogs get seated in a corner known as the ‘licky puppy corner’ because that’s where they usually play around and lick each other.

Around 40 dogs are part of Mo Mountain Mutts’ playgroup. Once the dogs get on board, they sniff around and greet fellow dog passengers like they were trained to do. And then they get harnessed to their seat.

Usually, Mo or Lee, depending on who’s on duty, will do a quick obedience drill, after which they are given treats for good behavior. But to be rewarded with treats, like the complimentary chicken liver, the dogs must stay on their seats until they reach their destination.

Each dog, all 12 of them, does the same thing after getting picked up from their houses. Lee and Mo have these off-leash pack walks three times a day, with Lee taking charge of the morning walks and Mo leading the afternoon trails.

When it comes to picking the locations for the walks, Mo carefully picks them based on the weather conditions and the dogs in the pack.

On hot days, they pick a spot with a water source so the dogs can have a quick drink. When the roads are icy, they skip the inclines. If they have a large group of dogs, they avoid blind spots and tight corners. Or if there’s a puppy in the pack, they usually just walk on flat ground. 

But Mo ensures all the dogs have trail training and temperament testing before she lets them go off-leash. She wants to promote ‘good doggy citizens.’

While Mo Mountain Mutts focuses on obedience and safe behavior, Mo said they also encourage playful and messy fun and allow dogs just to be dogs.

According to Mo, she started posting photos of the dogs on social media as ‘class photos’ for their dog parents to enjoy. And then, from there, their little puppy bus just took off, and people on the internet just can’t get enough of it.

Suffice it to say their adorable and hilarious canine clients are taking the internet by storm. In fact, one of their TikTok videos has been viewed over 50 million times. 

In the video, the puppy bus collects the dogs in front of their houses. They confidently board the bus on their own and then find their seats. (If you think that’s cute, check out these dogs boarding their doggy school bus after daycare!)

What makes the videos even funnier is how Mo and Lee use the PA system in the bus to introduce their four-legged passengers as they board. 

Mo Mountain Mutts also offers virtual and in-person training, socialization lessons, and solo walks, to name a few. It’s truly a dream for this couple, who still can’t believe they’re doing it for a living.

Check out the adorable video of these dogs boarding the famous doggie bus below:

Visit their website HERE.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.