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My son had an amazing sense of humor and making everyone happy despite of all the sufferings he went through

I just wanted to share something positive. 

My son, Ben, had leukemia when he was 3 years old. He had to have 3 years of chemotherapy. When he was 7, the leukemia returned. So he had to have 2 more years of more intense chemo plus 8 sessions of whole body radiation.

The whole time he smiled and laughed and was always positive, making jokes with the nurses and doctors. While on these 2 years of intense treatment, the leukemia returned again. This time he had to have a bone marrow transplant but there was no match for him in the entire world.

The doctors tried an new thing then, which was a unrelated stem cell transplant for umbilical cords. He had to have his bone marrow eradicated to allow for the new stem cells to start making blood in his bone marrow. He received stems cells from two different umbilical cords.

After being in isolation for over 3 months, it worked. He slowly had normal blood and the leukemia seemed to have disappeared. He went to school, played soccer and did what every child his age would do.

When he was 16 (July 2015) he began having headaches and confusion. We thought if was from accidentally being hit in the head from a badminton racquet. It turns out he had a 3 inch brain tumor (Glioblastoma). He was immediately operated on and recovered well. He had to have chemo and 33 sessions of radiation to his head.


He was told that there is no cure but that the doctors would do what they could to extend his life. After a hard fight, Ben lost his life at the age of 17. In his high school yearbook, they wrote that Ben had unfailing optimism and compassion.

He had an amazing sense of humor, undeniable courage, incredible patience, he was impossibly kind and incomparably respectful. He always went out of his way to help anyone even if it meant putting his goals second.

Ben wrote a manuscript for a science fiction book, which he completed when he was 16 and a half. He never got to see the final product as his book was published after he passed away. I know I’m his dad, but he was an amazing kid both with his friends and at home, always making everyone happy despite all the suffering he went through.

His book was the gift he left the world. I hope this story inspires others to never give up, always be kind to everyone and always smile when things get tough. we are not here for very long on this Earth, so we should try to make the best of things and always give to others.

About The Author:
Ben Obadia is a Dad who’s had to deal with the struggle and death, from cancer, of both his parents and his amazing son. In spite of his struggles, he aims to inspire.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.