Sometimes You Have To Take It Slow

If everything you claimed you deserve was right in front of you today, would you really be ready for it? I think a lot of the time we ask for things we aren’t prepared to handle. That’s why most people fumble when they get a chance at something amazing. We ask for consistency but don’t have the discipline to reciprocate if. We ask for something real but don’t have the faith to believe it’s not too good to be true. We ask for trust but we aren’t strong enough to be vulnerable and give people opportunities to be trusted. We want the prize without going through the process and that’s why we always feel cheated with what we get. Are you really ready for everything you claim you deserve? It’s okay not to be. Better to be honest with yourself and grow than to try and rush things and ruin the potential of what could be. Take it slow. Make sure it’s right. Appreciate it when it’s special. — Robert Hill Sr.

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10 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Take It Slow”

  1. this makes me think about my circumstances right now. I need to remember not to let anger get in my way. I feel I am really a good person but I secretly find myself getting angry when good things don’t happen for me.

  2. Wow ! I really love this post…It matches very well the period I’m going through…I especially liked that part – to be strong enough to be vulnerable and give people opportunities to be trusted….because I’m working on that ….Most of the time I rush things but now I have to be more patient to do things the right way….Thank you for this wonderful post !

  3. After a rough week, this is just the kind of positive inspiration I needed thank you. Because sometimes life throws you what you deserve, and not what you want. But when the right thing comes at the right time, everything feels perfectly in place!

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