Some days I am superwoman, doing all the things for other people

Some days I am scared of everything. Car accidents and killer bees and diseases I diagnose myself with while on the internet and whether I am raising my kids to be good human beings or psychopaths. Some days I am fearless, flying by the seat of my pants with the invincibility only a teenager can have.


Some days I am confident about my choices, my self-image, my purpose in this world. Some days I am filled with all the doubt and insecurity of a hormonal middle schooler.

Some days I am the life of the party. Some days I want to stay in my pajamas and hide in my bed.

Some days I have the patience of Job, deftly navigating meltdowns, homework assignments, and deadlines. Some days I snap and bark and mishandle the tender hearts around me.


Some days I eat spinach and chia seeds and drink 8 gallons of water and feed my kids organic, homemade meals. Some days I wash down 8 pounds of chocolate with 8 cups of coffee while my kids eat chicken nuggets from a happy meal.

Some days I am superwoman, being all the things for all the people. Some days I drop balls and miss deadlines and fail.

Here’s the thing though: You don’t have to be one or the other. It’s okay to be a big messy contradiction. So don’t beat yourself up when your life doesn’t look like a photo shoot. Because at the end of the day, the only thing you really have to do in this world is show up, give yourself a little grace, and love hard.


About the Author:
Cameron Reeves Poynter is a lawyer, a mother of two boys and a rabid sports fan. She writes about parenthood, loss, love, growing up and UVA basketball at Lucky Orange Pants. She is an excessive coffee drinker. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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