Fallen soldier’s Army family welcomed with open arms his baby that he did not get to meet

When one passes away, there is someone who will never be able to see their friend; someone who will never be able to kiss a loved one; and in the case of two-month-old Christian Harris, someone who will never meet a father.

David Starr Jordan once said, “All war is murder, robbery, trickery, and no nation ever escaped losses of men, prosperity and virility. War knows no victor.” True enough, no one could ever deny the fact that in every war, each party loses precious lives.

To experience how it’s like to be a father is one of the greatest ambition of Army Spc. Christopher M. Harris. However, just a week after he found out that he is an expectant father, the soldier deployed in Afghanistan passed away.

His comrades sadly recalled how the late soldier teared up and excitedly informed everyone that his wife is pregnant… before a vehicle explosion took his life.

Although the late Christopher Harris was not able to live long enough to be with his wife during her pregnancy, the friends he gained in the military, particularly the men and women of 82 Airborne Division, reached out to Britt Harris, his wife to express their support in her toughest days.

In fact, the men and women of 82 Airborne Division joined Britt in an exciting gender reveal via video when they shot pink confetti in the air. Britt appreciated the warmth her husband’s comrades showered her with, and so she felt that it is only right for them to meet her baby.

Thus, when Britt finally gave birth to her precious baby girl, Christian Harris, she made sure to plan a memorable and special meeting between her baby and her husband’s circle of friends.

“I wanted to let everyone meet Christian together,” Britt shared in an interview. On May 29, the strong mom coordinated a photo shoot with Pinehurst Photography, the same company that photographed her husband’s funeral and her maternity shots as well.

Her husband’s comrades who survived the explosion took the beautiful and truly memorable photo at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden. For Britt, it would mean so much to Christian if she will be able to see that despite her father’s death, Christopher’s comrades loved and supported her since day one.

“They’ve been a part of her life before she was even born, and I know they’re going to be around for the rest of her life,” Harris said. “No matter where the Army takes them all, I will be able to show Christian how they all came together for her.”

In the pictures taken, the adorable two-month-old Christian wears her father’s dog tags, a onesie that reads “My daddy’s my hero,” and an SPC Chris Harris underneath it.

A meaningful picture of Britt holding Christian was taken with the men and women of the Infantry Regiment 1st Brigade Combat and the 82nd Airborne Division were standing behind them as they salute. The honorable men and women also had a picture of them holding baby Christian in their hands laid out altogether.

Baby Christian may not be able to meet her father, but looking at the bright side of life, there is a bunch of honorable men and women who are ready to step up for their fallen fellow soldier, brother, and friend.

As per Britt, although losing a husband is one of the most painful things that happened to her, still she is grateful that she has baby Christian to remember her late husband by. She is looking forward in teaching her daughter all of the things she should know about her father, especially about his extroverted personality.

“He loved going out and meeting everyone,” Britt shared in an interview “So I’ve been trying to channel my inner Chris more, so one day I can teach her and show her all the things he would.”

Watch the touching video below and see the meaningful and truly memorable pictures of baby Christian, together with the honorable men and women who continuously show support to her and her mother, even after the death of her dad. Showing the world of the strength of the camaraderie that even death cannot cut.

Photos and Video | CBS Evening News

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