Navy veteran with 224-mile commute surprised with new car

They say that until you become a parent, you’ll never know how much love you are capable of giving to another human being. The sacrifices you make won’t feel like sacrifices at all, instead, all these selfless deeds will flow out of you naturally, being borne out of nothing else but pure love. A parent’s act of love is exactly what we’ll see in the following story, where a navy veteran takes a 4.5-hour commute every day to and from work all for the sake of his family, and especially his son.


Leon Prechtl arrived at home one night from his 224-mile commute to a surprise that he never saw coming. At first, he was handed a gigantic trophy by a man in a blue shirt, saying: “Congratulations! You have one of the worst commutes in SoCal.”

But there was more. There, parked in front of their garage, is a brand new car from Southern California Honda Dealers Association.

Leon, a Navy veteran, got a job in the Mojave Desert as an engineer. It is far from their home in Torrance, but the family had to stay there to be close to the medical specialists and school of his son with special needs.


The doting father gets up every day long before the sun rises and drives to work with a car that has 200,000 miles on it. He gets home late every evening, spending another 4.5 hours on the road before he gets to be with his family.

“Sometimes that’s only an hour of time that I actually really get with family at night.”, Leon told ABC7.

His wife, Kirsten, says, He’s sacrificed a lot for us to be able to stay in this family for our family and our son.”


He still has to brave the long commute every single day but now, he will be able to do so more comfortably and without the fear of his car breaking down in the middle of the road.

“Leon has done a lot for his family. He has one of the roughest commutes that we’ve seen and we feel very happy and fulfilled that we get to help him out,” Southern California Honda Dealers Association’s Helpful Honda Guy, Mario Ardile, said.


That brand new car is truly a well-deserved gift for this outstanding navy veteran! Indeed, a parent will do anything for his child, and their happiness and welfare will always come first before anything else.

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