World’s smallest and most adorable horse Gulliver stands tall at 19 inches

Even great things can come in a small package. Just like Gulliver, the real life little pony which stole the hearts of millions of people across the globe!

Gulliver is a tiny yet mighty pony, who happened to be the smallest miniature horse that joined the 20th Hipposphere International Equestrian Exhibition in Russia.

The small and adorable pony measures at 49cm from its hoof to its shoulder blades.

Despite its tiny stature, Gulliver won the attention and affection of those who attended the event and as well as those who have seen his photos circulating in the internet.

According to Gulliver’s owner, Elena Chistyakova, Gulliver’s birth is nothing short of a miracle. Gulliver was born in June 2017 at the Hidalgo pony farm located in northwest Russia.

Gulliver was roughly the size of a cat when he was born measuring around 30 cm in height and 3kg in weight. Indeed, it is a miracle how Gulliver’s frail and delicate body survived and developed.

“It was as big as a cat. I was so happy, it is a miracle.” Elena shared, recalling the tiny pony’s miraculous birth.

Ironically, despite Gulliver’s small frame, Elena chose to name him Gulliver, after the famous childhood tale, Gulliver’s Travels.

Unlike Gulliver the tiny pony, Gulliver from the Gulliver’s Travels is a giant who was captured by little people residing in Liliput Island.

Although Gulliver is half the size of the usual pony of his breed, still it did not deter Gulliver to feel as if he is a full-sized horse. He even roamed around the event with a dog riding on his back!

Elena is already making preparations for Gulliver to be included in the prestigious Guinness World Record as the smallest living male horse of his kind.

The thousand viewers and million netizens who have seen Gulliver’s pictures will surely pray hard for him to finally achieve the record he is after for!

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Photos | Peter Kovalev

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