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FIVE warning signs you are mentally and emotionally exhausted

In a world where almost everyone is busy juggling their career, romantic relationship, and social life, it is easy to get mentally drained and also forget our emotional well-being.

After all, who doesn’t feel tired after working for more than eight hours? Who doesn’t get stressed after dealing with the demands of our work?

But even though we are leading busy lives, we must not dismiss our body and mind’s ways of telling us that WE ARE TIRED!

Man is mentally drained in the picture.

Did you know that mental and emotional exhaustion affects our physical health as well? In addition, when we are mentally and emotionally drained, our energy is being sucked out as well, thus it affects our productivity in a negative way.

Mental and physical exhaustion do not only affect our workforce, but they also influence our mood in a way that we get irritated even at the slightest thing, thus it could strain our relationship with the people around us.

Mentally drained people need to relax.
We are unique individuals, all of us have our limits that vary from one person to another. The key to recognizing that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted is by looking at the symptoms of mental and emotional exhaustion below.

In listing down our priorities in life, we should not forget to include our mental, emotional, and physical health. Here’s our body’s way of telling us that our mental and emotional state needs rest!

[1] You are always irritated

You are emotionally and mentally drained to the point that even the slightest of things get on your nerves. You find negativity in everything that’s happening around you because you don’t have the energy to process it positively anymore.

Whenever you find yourself losing your temper over a silly matter why don’t you sit back and relax? Take deep breaths and think if the matter is really worth your energy.

[2] You find it hard to sleep

For someone who is physically tired coming home from a long day of work, strangely, you find it hard to sleep at night.

Heck, even the time that you think you’d get a good amount of rest is becoming a stressful activity for you as well. This is due to the mental and emotional stress that built up on you.

Next time, try to meditate before you go to sleep. Think about nothing but good thoughts and, good memories. Count all of the good things that happened today. Don’t overthink so you won’t be restless at night.

Remember that it is important for your mind and body to get the ample amount of sleep it needs in order to recharge your body for the next day.

[3] You are often dizzy and nauseous 

One of the most common manifestations of mental and emotional exhaustion is a frequent feeling of nausea and dizziness. These symptoms are our body’s way of telling us that it cannot take any more stress. Give yourself a break if you don’t want to suffer from any breakdown.

Do not ignore these alarming signs, our brain eats itself whenever we are over-stressed and drained as well.

If you won’t give yourself the rest of your holistic health needs, you might find yourself having more health problems that are not only energy-draining, but financially straining as well.

[4] Your motivation is dwindling

You simply do not find yourself being happy doing the things you used to be passionate of. You start doing the work you used to love simply out of compliance.

And there are times that even the salary compensation you get in exchange for doing your job, is not so attractive anymore. This is an alarming symptom of mental and emotional exhaustion as losing motivation affects your career and your life as well.

Remind yourself of the things that make you smile. Look at the pictures of your family, friends, and loved ones.

Remember why you are doing the things you were dying to do before. Have faith in yourself and in the beautiful future tomorrow brings.

[5] You cry for no reason at all

You cry for no reason at all simply because the pain and stress are too much for your body and mind to contain anymore.

You are simply too tired to process and bear these things anymore, thus even though the reason seems to be silly, you end up crying your heart out.

Remember that when we are mentally and emotionally exhausted, we lose the strength and energy to cope up and deal with challenging situations. This includes not being able to effectively deal with the stress that we get from our daily activities.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in breaking out from time to time, after all, crying our hearts out is our body’s way of cleansing our minds of the accumulated negativity that we have inside our hearts and mind.

Please keep in mind that everything in our life has an end, this too shall pass. If you feel mentally drained, give yourself a break and do things you are happy to do.

Grab your favorite book, sip a coffee in a coffee shop, go to the nail spa for some quick nail polishing, or simply spend the day sleeping in your bed.

Just as how important it is to achieve our dreams, it is also a must to take time and rest. Our body is the only thing that will be there for us even in our death. Take care of it, love your body, love yourself!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.