Siblings made their late dad’s dream come true on ‘Shark Tank’ and moved judges to tears

Parents will do everything they can in order to help their precious children realize their dreams. But in a viral episode of ‘Shark Tank,’ the children of a 9/11 firefighter put their best foot forward to make their beloved father’s dream come true.

In an emotional episode of Shark Tank, a reality TV show popular to budding entrepreneurs, the sharks in the tank were surprised to see young Kaley, Christian, and Keira Young pitching an invention for their father.

“Our dad invented the cupboard pro. It was his dream to pitch it on ‘Shark Tank,’” Kaley said after introducing themselves to the sharks. “Unfortunately, he passed away before he had that chance, but we’re here today to continue his legacy and make that dream a reality.”

Before the sharks could process what Kaley said, Keira introduced a video of her deceased father, Keith Young, who was still alive when the video was taken. “Here’s our dad made about demoing a cupboard.”Keira said with proudness.

“My name is Keith Young. I’m the inventor of Cupboard Pro.” Keith introduced himself before showing how to use his invention. His simple but genius invention is a chopping board with a detachable bowl that makes room for the chopped scraps- making the clean-up a lot easier.

“I’m a NewYork city firefighter, I’m a father, a widower. When I’m at home I have to get things done rapidly because I have three children.” Keith also added, sharing how being a single father inspired him to invent the Cupboard Pro

“We feel honored to be here today and to share a little bit of Keith Young and the cupboard pro with you all. So who’s right to make my dad’s dream a reality with us?” Keira asked with a smile.

The sharks who learned about Keith’s story and invention further inquired about Keith’s cupboard pro. Kaley further explained that her father dreamed of making his cupboard pro available to the market by presenting his genius idea in Shark Tank.

As it turned out, Keith had already invented the Cupboard Pro in the year 2010, however, after his beloved Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer, he was not able to pursue his dreams anymore. Instead of reaching for his ultimate dream, Keith dedicated his time and attention to his three charming children. In addition, his untimely demise from cancer which he developed from being a 9/11 firefighter, the dedicated father failed to conquer his dreams when he was still alive.

“He put everything on hold to be by her side,” Kaley, the eldest among the Young children expressed her admiration and respect to her father. “On Aug. 22, 2012, God called my mom home, and my dad just showed us what strength was in every moment he continued to show up.” It was during this moment that the sharks’ eyes teared up.

“We’re only able to be here because of how strong our parents were,” Kaley added after sharing how their parents fought against cancer.

After discussing among themselves, the sharks offered $100,000 in exchange of a 20% stake in the business. In addition, they also promised to donate all of their profits to fund charities and organizations supporting firefighters affected by illnesses caused by the 9/11.

“The story is amazing. Obviously, you have a million reasons to be proud,” One of the sharks, Cuban, said to the Youngs, uplifting their spirits. “Your father will live on forever through each of you and his product.”

After the touching episode was aired, people who have witnessed the Youngs’ heartwarming story quickly showed interest to Keith’s Cupboard Pro. In fact, in just a matter of hours, their Cupboard Pro was sold out!

As of now, Kaley and her family are still working with investors in order to produce more cupboard pros. “The site just went viral and crazy, which is insane,” Kaley shared. “We are in talks now, trying to figure out the best direction to take it.”

When asked how his father would have reacted if he knew about the huge success of his genius invention, Kaley shared that his father would be dancing.

“He would be dancing and having the biggest party now. He was the greatest dad any child could ask for. Just the way he lived his life, I know he’d be really excited about this.”

Aside from the Cupboard Pro, the Youngs also created a GoFundMe page to further gather support for the FDNY Foundation. For the three kids of Keith, this is their way of embodying the teaching and legacy of their truly inspiring father.

Watch the heart-tugging episode of Shark Tank featuring the Young children, the admirable kids of Keith Young who made his ultimate dream transform into a sweet reality- even after his untimely death.

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