She encourages little girl with her artworks, 11 years later she gets touching note

Shower a plant with enough water and let it be touched with rays of  sunlight and it will flourish and grow. The same principle could be observed in nurturing a child.

Shower a child with words of encouragement and let them be touched and inspired by people who believe in him and he will grow believing that he can conquer the world.

For parents who are both working and only get to spend time with their children after work, usually, when the child is about to sleep, babysitters are of great help.

They are the ones who act as the second parent of the child and look after him… witnessing the child achieve milestones. And aside from taking care of the child’s basic needs, they are also the one who shower them with love, affection, and attention.

For some, babysitting may seem like a menial job. But a babysitter is a role as challenging as every profession out there. A great babysitter do more than what people think. They interact with our child, they fuel their curiosity, they teach our child manners, they spend quality time with them.

Racquel who used to babysat when she was 12 years-old — although very young — she is an example of a truly amazing babysitter you would wish your child to be with.

Through a letter from a child she used to take care of, she was made aware of an important role she played which inspired a child to believe in her abilities and conquer her dreams. Here is Racquel’s incredible story shared on her Tumblr account…

“When I was 12 I babysat this girl for a few years and she would come to me and show me her art, drag me by my wrists and point at the pieces she’d made during the week. And she’d be like ‘do the voice’ and I’d put on a sports-announcer Olympics-style voice and be like ‘such form! this level of coloring!

Why I haven’t seen such perfection in Crayola in a long time. And what is this? Why Jeff, now this is a true risk… it seems she’s made … a monochrome pink canvas…. I haven’t seen this attempted since winter 1932… and I gotta say, Jeff, it’s absolutely splendid.’ And she’d fall back giggling.

At the end of every night she’d check with me: ‘Did you really like it?’ and I’d say, ‘Yes’ and talk about something I noticed and tucked her in.”

“She was just accepted into three major art schools. She wrote me a letter. Inside was a picture from when she was younger. Monochrome pink. ‘Thank you,’ it said, ‘To somebody who saw the best in me.’”

Racquel’s blog post, which was shared in various social media sites and garnered over millions of likes and shares, goes to show how vital it is for a child to be surrounded with a person who sees the best in his interest.

It is stories like Racquel’s which proves how little things have great impact on children. Without Racquel’s vocal approval and praises for the child’s work of art, she may have not pursued her passion nor applied to be accepted by major art schools. Let us be reminded of that each and everyone of us is the hope of the hope of our future.

Source: Red Blood, Black Ink

For those who never waste their gifts of inspiring children and every young mind to believe in their God-given talent and abilities… know that you are truly making a difference.

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