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Woman misses flight to help person with autism in distress and airline steps up

Most people hate it when their flight gets delayed, but this woman from Euless, Texas actually chose to miss her flight:

Meet Shaina Murry, just one of the ordinary passengers at the Dallas airport on December 15, 2016. She might just be one of the thousands of ordinary people there that day, but she did something extraordinary.

While she was on the phone, getting prepared looking for her gate, she noticed a man lying on the floor.

It didn’t take long for the young woman to notice that something’s not right. She spent time to talk to the man and find out what the problem was, to see if she could help in any way. She decided to ask for the assistance of the medical team of the Dallas Airport; particularly because she suspected that the man has autism, and is in dire need of help.

Through talking with the man, she discovered that his name is Will K., and he is from Louisville, Kentucky.

According to Shaina, as they were waiting for the medical team to arrive, Will kept saying that he was worried he will miss his flight and miss spending time with his mom.

Shaina tried to comfort Will and assured him that he will not miss his flight, and he would be home with his mom, soon. She also got in touch with Will’s mother to inform her that Will is not feeling very well. The young woman was right – Will is, indeed, suffering from autism and it was confirmed by his mom.

She stayed with Will every step of the way – and talked to American Airlines, the medical team, and Will’s mom. When the medical team arrived, they decided that Will needed something to eat and something to drink. The team were worried that he would get sick once more and they are unsure if Will should fly.

At this point Shaina decided to talk to American Airlines and the medical team to inform them that she would change her flight as she would accompany Will while he eats something at the airport and she will also make sure that he gets on his flight with no problem.

After they grabbed a bite, she walked Will to his gate for his flight. The staff at American Airlines took excellent care of him, checked on him, and made sure he safely boarded the plane, according to Shaina.

Shaina commended the superb assistance Will has received from the medical team at Dallas Airport as well as the staff from American Airlines. She said that the airline didn’t charge her at all for the flight change. American Airlines also called Shaina when she was having lunch with Will to let her know that his gate changed.

Shaina posted her wonderful experience at her Facebook account and praised the airline and airport medical team, saying “American Airlines handled the situation with such professionalism and care. The medical team at Dallas as well as police were also just as amazing.”

It was an ordinary day for most people that day, but for Shaina, it was a wonderful day. The young woman said that Will made her day much better.

Her story of kindness was published on a book of Love What Matters that came out May last year.

Shaina lent a helping hand to a stranger that day, and although she was the one who extended help, it made her feel better.

While receiving help in time of need is a wonderful thing, it can be as amazing when you’re the one giving help — even to someone you don’t know, even to someone you know can’t pay you back.

If only everyone has the same heart as Shaina and everyone would view helping others as a positive thing, can you imagine how beautiful our world would be?

Photo | Shaina Murry

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.