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Cops say a would-be kidnapper chased a woman into a karate studio, that was bad a move

A man attempted to forcibly push a woman into his car in North Charlotte, North Carolina. Luckily, the woman managed to break free and as smart as she was, she instantly ran into a nearby karate studio where it is jam-packed with people learning karate.

The male-suspect chased her inside the karate studio and that’s where he met his match and got what he deserved. As expected, the suspect got more than he bargained for as he left the karate studio with injuries and was eventually arrested by the police.

The Woman Finds the Best Place to Be Safe

Randall Ephraim, the head sensei and also the man who taught the suspect a lesson, was cleaning up that Thursday night and was surprised when a woman rushed into the studio, asking for help. “There were still some kids in the dojo being picked up by parents and a couple of adult students cleaning up when a young lady came through our doors and stated that someone was trying to harm her,” Ephraim said.

The Suspect Gets His ‘Lesson’ from the Head Sensei

When the big man came afterwards, the head sensei thought that he was just inquiring about classes. “I asked how I could assist him and he stated that he was there for the lady. She insisted that she did not know him and tried to kidnap her,” Ephraim added. Knowing his real purpose, Ephraim kindly asked him to leave the studio but the man became more aggressive.

That’s when he started to take action and doing what he does best, Ephraim fought with the suspect using his karate moves. He got the guy outside but he still attempted to attack Ephraim again so he dealt with him accordingly. The suspect even tried to assault the police but he ended up in a stretcher, with injuries and was taken into the hospital.

The Suspect is Strong and Uncontrollable

After further investigation, the police discovered that the 46-year old male suspect was under the influence at the time of the incident. Ephraim attested to the suspect’s unbelievable strength while he was fighting with him. He said to the police, “He was very strong. He weighed at least 200 pounds and some change, under the influence – very strong, powerful individual.” Ephraim also said that the man was punching at everything including walls and cars.

Nonetheless, the police were thankful that Ephraim was able to help the woman through his exceptional karate skills. Capt. JD Thomas who is with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said, “It’s a great thing people in there were able to help defend her, extremely lucky that, it was a karate studio and usually you don’t see a suspect act like this.” The police also found out that the suspect has been arrested three times before for assault and drugs.

Randall Ephraim, the head sensei

When the news broke out, viewers were amused and at the same time impressed by the courage that the head sensei showed. This amazing story inspired a lot of netizens and they thanked Ephraim by leaving appreciative comments on his Instagram post.

Every now and then, unfortunate events happen somewhere and it is not often that people are able to escape them. Luckily for the victim, she found a place with brave people willing to help her and teach the bad guy a lesson. Do you know someone who is a hero in his own special way?

Feel free watch video below about this amazing sensei and share this story with your friends and family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.