Senior dog can’t stop ‘smiling’ because his family threw him a surprise birthday party

This senior dog just turned 13 years old, and to commemorate the special occasion, his family threw him a surprise birthday party!

Dogs are considered man’s best friend for several obvious reasons: they are always happy to see us; they are loyal and; they know how to protect us. Dogs just make everything better – and you know we’re not even exaggerating.

They are excellent companions, and it is only natural for us to return their unconditional love by making them feel special whenever we can.


A family from Perth, Australia, did precisely that with their senior pup, Bailey. He recently turned 13 years old on February 5, which is about 68 in dog years, and they celebrated the occasion by throwing him a surprise birthday party complete with a cake and a gift.

Though Bailey did not understand what was going on, he looked super excited as they gathered around him while singing him the birthday song!


Katie D’Souza recently shared a video of the adorable moment on Facebook. In the clip, the whole family is singing the Happy Birthday song while Bailey, who looked so excited, kept shuffling around on his chair.

He kept glancing at his owners and looking at the cake in front of him, giddy with anticipation to take a bite from the delicious-looking dessert.


The look on his face says it all – this surprise birthday party made this senior dog super happy!

“Happy 13th birthday to our boy BAILEY! He brings us so much joy and we love him heaps!” Katie’s caption read.


Apart from the cake, Bailey got a hotdog chew toy as a gift. That smile on his face says how much he is loving it!

This lucky dog is clearly a gem to his family, and for sure, he thinks of them the same way. Watch the video below to see how Bailey celebrated his 13th birthday.

This family knows that Bailey deserved nothing less on his special day, and this sweet gesture is just one of the ways by which they let him know how much they love him!

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