10 thoughts on “Seeing People’s True Colors”

  1. Linda i’m finding strangers in the suppermarkets and people you hardy know seem to be there for you when close ones are not,i have panic attacks and the people that help you are lovely..i share your thoughts..

  2. This is so true. During my worst storms–when I haven’t been my best or most lovable, there are some people who won’t give up on me. They don’t judge–they only love me and are there for me.

  3. I find that people going through a storm themselves is more likely to support someone else in the same storm because they can relate only too well…I Have also been pleasantly surprised and pleased by the response of people I hardly know when I encounter a storm.

  4. You’re missing the point here…You see people for who they really are when you need them the most…If you’re going through a storm and they are too, you still see people for who they are…you either support each other or you don’t…I choose to support that person even if I’m going through a storm…No time to start being selfish.

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