This secure storage bench keeps homeowners’ packages safe from porch pirates

Have you ever wondered why it’s taking so long for a package you’ve ordered online to arrive? Maybe it already has, and it’s already in the hands of a sneaky ‘porch pirate.’ Every day, thousands of parcels get packaged and delivered around the country. And as the eCommerce and the ‘culture’ of online shopping grew exponentially, so did the number of unsuspecting package theft victims.

36% of Americans have had a delivered package stolen from outside their home at least once. These culprits are more creative and persistent than you think. Some of them even follow delivery trucks and steals the parcel right after they’re dropped off. In the time of the pandemic, delivery companies uphold the need for social distancing, making the parcels even more unattended.

Most porch pirates didn’t even try to disguise themselves. They carry “dummy items” like documents, packages, or everyday items to make their presence less suspicious. Imagine looking forward to a pair of sneakers or a brand-new set of kitchen utensils you got from a sale. The days you’ve spent in anticipation goes down the drain.

Sam’s Club

Luckily, people saw the problem on porch pirates and came up with a clever solution. The BenchSentry Smart Contactless Delivery Vault looks like a storage bench.

At first glance, you wouldn’t even think that it’s a box that contains any valuable. Its low-profile structure and color won’t attract any attention. This device shelters your groceries and packages from thieves lurking around your porch.

All you need to do is to enter the tracking codes of your deliveries. When a delivery person arrives at your doorstep, they need to follow the audio message telling them to enter the last four digits of their delivery’s tracking code. The storage bench opens to receive the parcel, and the guy delivering can proceed with his day without any worries.

Storage to keep your packages safe.
Sam’s Club

The best part is, your package is stored comfortably in the vault. Say, for example, you’re away from work or a long vacation out of town. Your deliveries are 100% secure until you arrive. The contactless vault can also be unlocked from your phone.

Storage bench in front of the house.
Sam’s Club

People have been using the vault so they can make all kinds of deliveries completely contact-free. Sam’s Club’s innovation works wonders in a time of pandemic where social distancing is the bare minimum in keeping the virus at bay.

With fewer interactions, your household is safe from pathogens left in the parcel’s packaging. The vault is also weather-proof, so you can leave it on your front porch without ever worrying about its longevity.

Storage bench.
Sam’s Club

The storage bench is sold for $399 in Sam’s Club’s website. You need to be a member before you can purchase, and each person is only entitled to buy two per account. Don’t worry if you’re not a member. Other companies also have their own version of the storage bench.

CLEVERMADE features a box shape and a similar inconspicuous design similar to Sam’s Club’s. It’s also furnished with a security keypad.

Available on Amazon

There are still plenty of options for storage benches. Others even come in different designs, security features, and installation requirements. This storage from Step2 does not have a lock, but it keeps deliveries out of sight from porch pirates and nosy neighbors.

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The presence of these wonderful innovations ensures that no porch pirate can ever take your parcel away from you.  Here is one you can buy from Amazon for only ! Sounds neat, right?