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Woman turns 107 and shares her secret to longevity: ‘I never got married’

It has been told many times that the secret to long life is having a healthy, balanced diet. In fact, there’s a specific practice called the longevity diet, which was coined by Dr. Valter Longo. It practices eight simple steps that are not necessarily new.

According to Longo, There are basically eight combined common practices such as following: taking pescatarian diet, not eating too much protein, taking the necessary supplements, minimizing fats and sugars, eating foods from your ancestry, eating two meals a day, eating within a 12-hour window, and doing the ‘Fasting-Mimicking Diet’ at least twice a year.

While practicing this so called longevity diet is known to help in leading a long life, a woman who just celebrated her 107th birthday imparts a lesson to all those who are seeking a long life, and that is to stay single.

All her life, Louise Signore have practiced some steps in the longevity diet and exercised her way to stay healthy. But despite being consistent with her practices, she believes that the reason for her true happiness is because of single life.


“If they have exercise, I do the exercise. If they have dancing, I dance. I still do a little dancing. After my lunch, I will play bingo, so I had a full day,” Signore told CNN affiliate WCBS. Louise sister is also in her 100 years, and she expressed her envy for her sister, even wishing that she didn’t get married.


According to WCBS, Louise happily celebrated her 107th birthday along with 100 attendees at the the JASA Bartow Community Center in Co-op City. Louise and her four siblings are already at their 100th year, and the youngest is actually 102 years old. It’s definitely their genes doing the work, combined with their healthy lifestyle.


It’s not a secret that the current generation have been so vocal about being burnt out, getting tired easily, and many other stresses that a young individual should not be preoccupied with. No one can really blame them for having this kind of outlook, as this is what the current social and political climate is giving them.

But stories like Louise Signore’s never fails to remind many of how life can be simple and comfortably lived if only we knew how to take care of ourselves through simple practices like a proper diet, and wearing a smile.


There are multiple standards for success, and one of the recurring ones that many have come to know is being married, and having a family of your own. Louise’s story shows us that this is not always the case, and single ladies at their prime and at their senior age should not be pressured to enter marriage, because like Louise, it’s really not something she sees herself to be in.

It’s evident that she made the right decision, and she is living her life full of happiness and color. We all have our own version of success and happiness, and we are the only ones who can decide that for ourselves.

Watch Louise’s birthday celebration below:

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