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Boy stands up to bully and gets punished by school, father disagrees with principal

Bullying unfortunately is a perennial menace in society. It happens at work, in school and sometimes even in your own neighborhood. An imgur user who goes by wolverineprostateexams shared the story of his cousin standing up to his “constant” bully.

According to him, this bully has been tormenting his cousin for quite awhile and one day his cousin had no choice but to fight back. The school principal punished both kids, but his cousin’s father had another plan in mind.

Here’s wolverineprostateexams’ complete narrative of what happened, there’s a plot twist:

Short version: My cousin has been getting bullied since the start of the school year. Last Friday he finally fought back and kicked the bully’s ass. Both students received a three day suspension. My uncle made it clear he is not punishing my cousin and asked me to take him out for a day of fun Wednesday. I’m planning on go karts and movies and burgers.

fought back

Long version: My young cousin (started 10th grade this year) received a three day suspension for fighting on school grounds. Doesn’t matter that the other kid has a history of bullying. Doesn’t matter that it has been documented that he has been bullying my cousin since the school year started. Last Friday was the final straw. Bully was blocking my cousin from getting on the bus. There is a video of my cousin repeatedly telling bully to move. Bully then pushed my cousin with enough force he trips.

As my cousin tries to get up bully kicks my cousin in the stomach and punches him in the face when he tries to get up again. That was the last of it.

school bus

My cousin rushed his bully and proceeded to beat the living crap out of him. SRO pulled my cousin off the bully and both are brought to the principle. Parents are called.

According to my uncle the other kids parents are demanding my cousin be expelled, even after seeing the video of my cousin being kicked and punched on the ground. My uncle compared them to Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle. Principal announces both students will receive a three day suspension.

My uncle makes it clear he will not be punishing my cousin and the three days will be leisure days. This pisses of the bully’s parents even more. They tell my uncle if my cousin goes near their son again they will sue him. My uncle tells them if their son goes after my cousin he’ll just get his ass kicked again and to leave them alone.

Anyway, I just talked to my uncle and he asked me to take my cousin out for a day of fun this Wednesday (the last day of his suspension). I’m going to take him go karting and to see a movie. He defended himself and I’m proud of him.

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Saturday 28th of April 2018

The principal had to do what he did, I understand that. I am glad your Uncle has his own thoughts about it and totally agree with your cousin not being punished other than what the school had to do to apply eaqually for unruly behavior. Although I wish they would sooner address bulling :/


Friday 27th of April 2018

Beat the bully’s parents at their own game. Take the video of your cousin defending himself to the local magistrate along with the bullying documentation and “sentence” handed down by the principal. Request a restraining order against the bully. The bully would then not be allowed within 100 yards of him, including school grounds. Let’s see how his parents would react having to drive him to an alternate school every day.

Jody McLee

Saturday 28th of April 2018

EXCELLENT IDEA! When the parents have to pay for their child's actions perhaps they will start parenting rather leaving it to electronic games, & TV.


Monday 26th of February 2018

Awesome. Kuddos to your uncle and to your cousin. These weak, insecure bullies need to know they can' t do this to people. I am proud of your cousin!!!!

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