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Santa’s immediate response to blind boy with autism is just perfect and has mom tearing up

Christmas has always been associated with the tradition of giving presents. Often times, we express our love and concern for one another by giving material gifts. But they say that if you truly want to feel the essence of the Christmas spirit, all you have to do is look at children who get happy over the simplest of things.

Such living testament is the boy named Matthew Wolf, who never lets his blindness and autism get in the way from exploring life. The very special little boy who is blessed to have a loving, patient, and supportive mom named Misty,  wanted to meet Santa just like any other kids his age.

Misty is happy to be by Matthew’s side especially when he’s exploring his surroundings. So Misty took his son to meet Santa. He’s thrilled by the idea of finally meeting Santa for the first time. Thinking about Matthew’s condition, Misty informed Santa right away about her son’s blindness and autism.

“He is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa,” Misty whispered into Santa’s ears, before entrusting Matthew in his company.

The worried mother did not expect the words that Santa would say. Thus, she couldn’t help but be stunned and touched by Santa’s sweet gesture that hushed her fears.

“Say no more,” Santa firmly said. Re-assuring the worried Misty that he’s got everything under control.

The Christmas Santa then proceeded to sit on the floor right next to the ecstatic Matthew.

As if they have been friends for a long time, Matthew and Santa enjoyed chit-chatting with each other. Santa even let Matthew touch his face and his clothes to help him paint his appearance on his wild imagination.

The sweet exchange between Santa and Matthew will melt even the coldest of heart. Santa made sure that the boy truly enjoyed their meeting. He was very accommodating and even asked Matthew if he wanted anything else.

Matthew’s poetic response tugged the strings of Santa’s heart, granting his Christmas wish with a smile.

“Your eyes that twinkle.” The young boy responded from the classic poem, Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Santa guided Matthew’s hands and let him touch his eyes, never pulling away from the ecstatic little boy. In addition, he also took Matthew over a decorative reindeer to complete Matthew’s Christmas wish.

“It was great,” Misty said, describing the events that unfolded in her eyes. “My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested. Best Santa ever!”

Touched and thankful for the Santa who fulfilled his precious son’s Christmas wishes, Misty shared their unforgettable experience on her Facebook account together with the photos she had taken. Due to the positive meaning their experience brings, their story immediately became viral, reaching thousands of shares and likes!

Kudos to ‘Santa Claus’ who was more than happy to give Matthew a Christmas he would never forget. May their story encourage us to give one another the gift of compassion and kindness, rather than material things this Christmas.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.