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Salsa dancing Kindergarten students winning hearts of many thanks to their teacher

Mr. Edwin Sorto, one of the teachers at KIPP DC Promise Academy in Washington D.C., is not your ordinary teacher.

Mr. Sorto is teaching different subjects to kindergarteners at the school, and has found a fun way for his students to learn.

Aside from being a skilled educator, Mr. Sorto is also an excellent salsa dancer as he was a former professional dancer — and he taught his class of five-year olds his moves:

This video which was viewed millions of times was just one of the many videos Mr. Sorto posts on his Facebook page — it’s wonderful how this teacher is so proud of his students.

Mr. Sorto teaches his class different types of dance: salsa, merengue, cha-cha, and even Michael Jackson dance routines.

Aside from teaching dance class, he also teaches P.E., Arts, as well as Spanish classes:

According to, Mr. Sorto said, “That gets their mindset in place for the dancing and it starts building up their confidence right from there.”

He teaches five-year olds a foreign language, molds them into great dancers, and builds their confidence — what a teacher.

What’s more, his Facebook page wasn’t just meant to proudly share his students’ talents, he uses it to raise funds to be able to buy dance shoes for the kids and a dance mirror for the class.

The teacher told USA Today that: “They work incredibly hard at both academics and dance and they absolutely deserve the recognition,” He also added, “They’re proud of what they do and love to see people’s reactions, comments, and likes on their videos.

Their parents are also incredibly supportive. My kids are great, and this is just one more thing that keeps them engaged in school.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if we see his students being successful dancers in the future too, thanks to a teacher who decided to pass on more than just what books can offer, but his own talents to them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.