Charming photos capture the beautiful bond between pastel-colored Parrotlet birds

Parrotlet birds are the smallest in the parrot family, but don’t be deceived – these winged creatures may be small in size, but they are definitely big in personality.

Those who own Parrotlet birds say that they often exhibit feisty and assertive behaviors, which seem quite unfit given their little bodies. Before adopting one, it is important for an owner to be aware that they are very active birds.


One should spend a minimum of three to fours hours per day with their pet, doing fun activities or playing with them to make sure that they don’t get bored and resort to self-destructive behavior.

Photographer Rupa Sutton has created a series featuring these intriguing birds, showcasing their brilliant plumage awash in soft, pastel colors and their “closeness” with their co-species. The resulting images seem like a romantic playbook, with many of the shots showing the Parrotlet birds nuzzling one other.

In an interview, Rupa explained what the heart of her work is.

“Photography for me is about capturing or creating a moment that tells a story or conveys an emotion. I want to show people the world that exists all around us but that we don’t always see,” she said.

See the photo gallery below.

1. Together forever.


2. Three’s a crowd.


3. Head massage.


4. Parrot-speak.


5. Lone.


6. A kiss.


7. Beautiful plumage.


8. Face to face.


9. Playtime.


Most of us miss these little things because of our busy lives, but thanks to this photographer’s work, we are able to witness the lovely interactions between these precious birds.

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All photos via Etsy.