Chunky bulldog steals hearts at dog show with agility performance

English Bulldogs are regarded by many as a “laid-back” breed. Owners of these dogs especially know that they are the type who would rather lounge and nap on the sofa than participate in any kind of physical activity.

But one bulldog from Ohio is defying all stereotypes about their breed, proving to everyone that there is always an “exception to the rule”.

Rudy is an English Bulldog who impressed everyone with his performance at the Westminster Dog Show. He sped through the agility course like lightning, stunning everyone during the first few seconds of his run.

Bulldogs have thick and sturdy limbs, and they aren’t really known as an agile breed. Plus, their muscular bodies lead them to have a distinctive gait, so they move with more of a waddle than a walk.

Rudy, however, seemed like the total opposite, as he jumped over obstacles like they were nothing. The dog shocked everyone with his speed and he looked unstoppable!

Rudy – whose full name is Von Rudolph Augustus Perkins – was in the 16-inch class, and he was accompanied by his handler Debra Perkins.

They ran the course together with Debra prompting him through everything. Rudy had to weave, jump, scale angular walls, and run through tunnels.

The multiple jumps are done at a preferred height of 12 inches, and Rudy was able to get them all! There were even obstacles that required him to run up and down a board.

Aside from the audience, Rudy also impressed the announcers, who said that they didn’t expect to see such speed from an English Bulldog.

“That was awesome!” , one announcer said towards the end of Rudy’s run.

Despite his amazing performance, Rudy, sadly, didn’t win. He finished the whole course in 46.63 seconds, officially 51.63 seconds after receiving a fault.

Nevertheless, he was a clear crowd favorite, stealing everyone’s hearts with his marvelous display of agility.

Congratulations to Rudy and his mom Debra for a job well done! Though Rudy didn’t win the race, he surely won the hearts of many with his incredible performance.

Watch the video below from Fox Sports to see Rudy speed through the challenging agility course.

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