You Can Make Room For Happiness

If you let go of the one who is always HURTING you, life will make room for the one who will always be LOVING you. — Dodinsky

loving you

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3 thoughts on “You Can Make Room For Happiness”

  1. life has hard lessons and of course some will be overwhelmed .some will simply live on and become complacent.Yet others will overcome and move on to a renewed life of happiness and peace .

  2. One has to let go in a painful sense of someone who is dragging them into the ground for to lose your identity in name of loyalty is sad in every way possible life makes no promises as the song goes keep your promises to yourself in long term that’s who counts most .

  3. Enjoy your positive thought every day. It’s so inspiring and a very good way to have a positive outlook to help that day. I absolutely love the video “In the garden of my thoughts”. It is wonderful and do you have other videos to watch? Do you plan on making anymore? I watch this every morning and such a great way to start your day…..

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