5 Replies to “Steve Irwin’s son is now an award winning photographer and these photos show why”

  1. Congrats to Robert on his photography and so up close and clear I’m sure would make his Dads memory proud and for continuing his love for nature and the Animal Kingdom . Keep them coming and Best Wishes for your birthday on the 24 th July 👏👏👏🎂🎂

  2. Yes not bad but still a long way to go you have more opportunity subject wise but I see good photos from everyday photographers who do it the hard way take photos better that don’t look posed. sharp with action, but for your age I believe you will be a great photographer getting more experience behind you you have a great start lesson in life to carry with you is As soon as you think you are good enough you won’t get any better but if you say maybe I could do better you will try harder & will improve Good luck young man & wish your sister a very happy birthday 24th July 🙂

  3. I loved Steve Irwin! I am sure he would be so proud of his son, and the beautiful photography he is creating! They are beautiful images! I have shared this post on my FB for others to read and see… 🙂

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