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Retired woman moves to a tiny house community, now lives comfortably on just her social security checks

There are many reasons why homeowner Luanne chose to build her retirement home in a tiny house community in Tennessee.

First, it is very affordable that she can live here comfortably on her social security check while enjoying her golden days.

It is also a peaceful area with lots of greens, which she thinks is perfect for a retiree like her. Most of all, the tiny house community is filled with neighborly love and solidarity.

Luanne’s tiny house, which she also calls “The Nest,” speaks so much about her personality. She is a lively person who loves crafting and decorating and it is apparent from both the exterior and interior of her home.

For its exterior, she chose wood lap siding to make it look and feel more natural. It also has black metal roofing which makes the sound of the rain so magical. The front of her house is decorated with her 12-inch Seahawks flag as she lived in Seattle for 23 years.

On the other side of the house, she has a mini shed which is provided by the tiny house community to all the settlers. They can decorate it however they like and she uses it to store her Christmas decorations and tables.

Luanne’s tiny house has a total area of 380 square feet, which is spacious enough for her and all the things she needs. Her living room is spacious enough for a dinner party and other gatherings such as Downton Abbey tea and craft days.

There are many windows in Luanne’s home to bring the natural light in. She even had one built opposite her door so she can enjoy the beautiful views of nature.

Another important thing for her was to have something dividing her loft and her living room so she put up a bookshelf that separates the two areas. It gives her privacy when she is in the loft and her guests while they are in the living area.

In her kitchen, there is a pantry and drawers filled with goodies and a corner cabinet where she stores the pots and pans. What she uses the most is a toaster oven which also serves as a dehydrator and an air fryer.

She also has a cooktop, microwave, full-size fridge, and other kitchen tools one can find in a traditional home.

On the one hand, her butch block countertop and her drop sink make cooking and washing easier and more fun for Luanne.

Luanne’s favorite area is her dining area where she eats and does her crafts. On the side was a window where she put a bird feeder so she can watch the birds while sitting and relaxing.

She also knows how important storage is with downsizing so she made sure she has a big shelf to fit in all her clothes, sewing materials, and other important items.

Luanne loves the idea that her bedroom is cozy and not claustrophobic. Though the area is small, she managed to make it look spacious and comfortable. She is happy with her high-density foam and her bookshelf filled with reading materials.

Her bathroom is also roomy enough. It has the familiar layout of a typical bathroom but the design is quite unusual. Nonetheless, it has everything she needs such as a shower and a washer-dryer.

Apart from simplifying life, moving to a tiny house community also gives her financial freedom.  She finds it very freeing to know that her forever home is paid for.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just sat and just looked at my house and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe this was all in my head and now I’m sitting in it.’ It’s a miracle.”

Watch Luanne’s tiny house tour in this video:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.