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A retired couple sold their big house and downsized into a brilliantly designed tiny home to free up capital

Most families are building tiny homes to have easier home maintenance; reduce costs in utilities and rent; and have more money to spend on other interests, such as travel.

Brenda and Peter of New Zealand, for instance, sold their big home to better enjoy their retirement. Instead, they downsized into a brilliantly designed but highly functional tiny house.

This allowed them to free up capital to spend more on the things that matter to them and fully enjoy their later years.

As the couple downsized their home and lifestyle, living in a tiny home allowed them to focus on their various interests and quality time with the family.

The idea of a downsized everyday life became appealing during lockdowns imposed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The husband and wife shared that their daughter Rebecca has a company building tiny houses.

During the lockdown, she invited them to come live with her on-site. “We lived in a tiny house for a month. And that was the start of our journey,” said Brenda.

While living with their daughter, Brenda and Peter got to enjoy being with her and the grandchildren and decided that they couldn’t go back to living in their old home.

They decided that a downsized tiny home would be a right fit for them, particularly during retirement.

The home they eventually busingle-levelngle level design with a bedroom.  The home may be tiny and downsized, but everything was highly functional and easily accessible.

The living room has a nice couch that came out of their old home. The huge kitchen wraps around the end of the house and has all the amenities, such as a full-sized fridge and a good-sized sink.

There is also a small bar, which can accommodate the couple or their grandchildren when they come to visit.

They cook on an induction stove that can be stored away when it’s not being used, to provide more workspace in the kitchen.

The bedroom has a regular-sized sized bed, and there are tons of storage everywhere! There are big closets in the bedroom, as well as plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen.

The bathroom also has more storage for bathroom supplies. It is bigger than most tiny homes and the shower was made to accommodate Peter’s height.

It also fits their washing machine. More interestingly, in this downsized home, a door at the other end of the bathroom opens up into their pocket garden so that they can head straight into the bathroom if they need to clean up.

The main living space has a huge deck with a couch and a dining table, which melts the line between the indoor and outdoor spaces in the home.

The outdoor living area adds space to the downsized home and makes the house even bigger than it actually is.

Additionally, the couple built an additional pod next to the main house. It includes a workshop where Peter can do craftwork.

There is plenty of space for his hobbies, which keeps him busy. It also functions as Brenda’s craft room and office. Brenda does plenty of sewing and this space allows her to continue to enjoy her interests.

Peter shared his appreciation of their downsized lifestyle, saying, “I could go to my workshop and work for a couple of hours of the day. We have meals with the family and play with the grandchildren. So that worked out. Everything was there. It made sense.”

Brenda added, “It was like, why have all that money tied in a house? When we could release the caravan, and have a tiny house, and go travelling?”

Deciding to downsize certainly has its perks. After selling their large home, the couple had enough left from the sale to purchase a caravan. This has also given them the freedom to explore the country in style!

Peter said, “We’re on our daughter’s land so we can go see her. Or the grandkids come here on a regular basis. So, I would not go back to a normal house.”

This fantastic tiny house has not only given Brenda and Peter greater quality of life in retirement but has even won an award! Enjoy a tour of this wonderful house in the video below:

If you want to see more amazing Tiny Homes, visit Living Big In A Tiny Home YouTube page.

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Saturday 4th of March 2023

Good for them. I love older 3 story homes to putter around in so wouldn't work for me.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.